Thursday, 24 May 2012

Hello everybody!!!

This is what a member of Leadership Quest team and CEO of UBM, Mr David Levin wrote to Mr Rajiv Sharma, Managing Director of Empower Pragati after the Bain Quest Leadership team visit to Gurgaon centre on April 20th. 

Dear Rajiv,


You have been on my mind, however, and I wanted to be sure to write to thank you for many things - for making the effort host us, for being so interested and engaged in understanding the purpose of our Quest and how to make your comments most relevant to the group, for sharing with us some of your own personal story – and on how you have transitioned from corporate life to a values centric life

For sharing your ambitious vision to provide the training that will empower a whole generation of people to come into the formal economy and make the most of their lives. That ambition struck a chord with the room

Thank you  for being such a warm and supportive guest of Leaders’ Quest.

I could tell by the energy in the room that the Bain partners were very interested in what you were saying and would have loved to have had more time with you and all those you are working with. 

Overall, our Quest days with Bain were a real success.  Here are a couple of examples of what people said at the reflection times at the end of their days out ‘experiencing India’:

From one participant: “I want to revisit my priorities in life; what else can I do? Rethink what really matters in life; sometimes we as ‘biz people’ forget what is really important. Thank you.” And from another one:  “We need to change the way we think about what impact is; I learned from social entrepreneurs how broad impact can be - not just profits. Purpose, too.  We need to raise our game.” 

So, Rajiv, a big thank you from me and Leaders’ Quest for being part of this.  Your comments on Monday, your life experience and your ambition helped people not only to understand India at a deeper level, but also to learn about what it means to lead responsibly in a world full of challenges. They also loved the opportunity to meet some of those you are helping – that give real feeling to the experience

I very much hope we can stay in touch, and next time, have more time to talk about the future. I know my colleagues in Leaders’ Quest in India will want to stay in touch and am copying Max Metcalfe and Gitika Mohta who will I am sure want to stay in touch.

Warm regards and Thank You,

David Levin

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